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What is a BB Cream?

What is a BB Cream?


Dear Audrey,

What the heck is a BB cream? I’ve heard people talk about them but I have no idea what they are or how I would use one. Can you help?

You are so right!  There are a lot of BB creams out there and it can be a little confusing.  Let’s start at the beginning.

How Did BB Creams Get Their Beginning?

BB cream is short for beauty balm or blemish balm. They were first developed in Germany in the 60’s by a dermatologist who wanted a single cream that would protect skin and provide coverage after laser treatments. BB creams weren’t very popular until a couple of years ago when a few Korean actresses started using them. They loved them and started talking them up and since they were trendsetters, their popularity spread through Asia and then here to the United States.

So What Are They?

BB creams are a versatile product that is a skin care/makeup hybrid in one. They promise to do the job of five or six products all in one cream. BB Creams combine a moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, skin treatment, concealer and foundation all in one cream—truly a miracle in a jar.

What are the Benefits of Using a BB Cream?

Using a BB cream offers several benefits:

  • By having a product that has a moisturizer and all the other additives mixed with your sunscreen, you don’t have to worry about which order you put them on.

  • They are generally less expensive than purchasing several different products.

  • In addition to hydrating and evening out skin tones, BB creams also treat the skin with antioxidants or other anti-aging ingredients.

Which One is Right for Me?

Not all BB creams are alike.  Read the packaging and the ingredients to see what the particular brand says it does. Choose one that is right for you. They can contain anti-aging components, moisturizers, ingredients that even out skin tone, light reflecting ingredients, and silicone-based ingredients to help smooth your skin. 

At Westside Beauty Supply we sell several BB Creams and our experienced consultants will be happy to help you find the BB cream that works for you.

Here’s to beauty inside and out!


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