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How to Condition Fine Hair

How to Wash Your Hair

Dear Audrey,

I have really fine hair that is color treated. Conditioners make my hair go limp and flat but if I don’t use them my hair gets really dry. What can I do to balance this out?

Great question, and yes, we hear this, see this, and feel this all the time. Read more>>

How to Wash Your Hair
—the Right Way

How to Wash Your Hair

Dear Audrey,

I have an oily scalp, but the ends of my hair seem dry. What can I do to balance it out?

I hear about this often! We can sometimes get in a vicious cycle of over-washing and compensating with conditioner and products that can make our hair feel dirty prematurely. Here are some suggestions to achieve the perfect cleansing routine. Read more>>

Change Your Tone!

Change Your Tone

Dear Audrey,

Help! I colored my hair but the tone is off, and it is way too gold for me! Is there anything I can do to fix it without taking drastic measures?

We have some great solutions for unwanted tones that are easier than you think! Let’s start with some basics! Read more>>

Spring Fling?

Spring Fling

Dear Audrey,

How long should I keep my products? I can’t find an actual expiration date, but I have had some of these around for a really long time.

Here is a set of guidelines to help you figure out what products you can keep and, most importantly, the ones you really should toss. Read more>>

Summertime Beauty Tips

Summertime Beauty Tips

Summertime... and the livin’ is easy... Make it so with helpful tips and tricks to keep you looking your best all summer long!

Read more>>

Do You Know
Your Skin Type?

Do you know your skin type?

Dear Audrey,

I have dry skin, but in some places it gets oily. How can I tell what my skin type is?

Navigating skin care can be tricky. Here is a guide to different skin types and their coordinating products to help you put your best face forward! Read more>>

Hairbrush Makeover

Hairbrush Makeover

Dear Audrey,

I love my hairbrush, but it’s starting to look gross! Can it be cleaned and is there anything I can do to keep it from getting so dirty and fuzzy?

Yes and YES! Hairbrushes can get so funky that we feel like hiding them or even throwing them away prematurely. Here are a few things you can do to clean your hairbrushes and keep them that way. Read more>>

Seasonal Scalp Wellness

Seasonal Scalp Wellness

Dear Audrey,

I have never in my life had dandruff but my scalp is flakey this winter and it’s embarrassing. Do you have any recommendations?

Yes! I totally understand and am here to help! The changing of the seasons can be stressful for your skin. Read more>>

’Tis the season for Audrey’s Holiday Gift Guide

’Tis the season for Audrey’s Holiday Gift Guide

Never fear, Audrey is here to help you shop for everyone on your “nice” list with the perfect beauty and personal care gifts that are always well received! Read more>>


The Naked Truth
About Mineral Makeup

The Naked Truth 
About Mineral Makeup

Dear Audrey,

What’s the story with Mineral Makeup? Is it really better for you?

Here at Westside Beauty HQ, we have extensive first-hand knowledge of all things mineral! Let me give you a better idea of what to look for when shopping for mineral-based beauty products.

Let me start out by saying that all mineral makeup lines are not created equal. Read more>>

Free to be -Free
with Beauty Product Alternatives

Beauty Product Alternatives

Dear Audrey,

Can you recommend products that are gluten and cruelty-free?

Thanks for the great question. I understand many of us share the same needs and concerns. Rest assured you can have some great beauty care products that are gluten and guilt free! Here are some of the brands we offer that are cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free and more. Read more>>

Perfect Pro-Portions

Perfect Pro-Portions

Dear Audrey,
Do you have a guide for how much product I should be using? I feel like I go through twice as much conditioner as I do shampoo. Is that normal?

We have serving sizes for what we eat, why not with beauty products, right? This is especially important with professional products. You really can lose performance, see adverse effects, and put an unnecessary dent in your finances when you use too much. Here is a basic portion guide and some other suggestions to help you get the most benefits out of your beauty care products. Read more>>

How to do a
Blowout at Home

How to do a 
Blowout at Home

Dear Audrey,

I love the way my hair looks and feels after a salon blowout. I’ve tried to do it myself, but it just doesn’t look the same. Do you have any pointers to help me create a smooth, long lasting blowout at home?

Yes! I know how you feel. If only we had an extra pair of arms! Here are a few tricks you can try that will help you achieve a buxom blowout and make it last too! Read more>>

Update Your
Skincare Routine

Update Your 
Skincare Routine

Dear Audrey,
I have been washing my face regularly, use moisturizer and sunscreen, and I occasionally exfoliate. I think I’m covering all of my bases, but my skin could use more TLC. Do you have any recommendations for giving my routine a boost?

Absolutely! Skincare has come a long way over the years. Here are a few things that I can suggest you try to include in your skincare regimen... Read more>>

Avoiding a Faux-Poo

Avoiding a Faux-Poo

Dear Audrey,

I purchased a product from the salon last time I had my hair done. Now that I am ready to buy more I am noticing that the same shampoo is sold online and the prices are all over the place. I even spotted it in the grocery store.  How do I know I am getting the best deal on my salon products?

Glad you asked. I would love to take this opportunity to educate you on why that “great deal” you are seeing may be too good to be true. Read more>>

Get pretty—Fast!

Get pretty—Fast!

Dear Audrey, I’m on the go constantly and do not have a lot of time for complicated beauty routines. How can I make myself look fresh and polished in a jiffy?

Deadlines, meetings, softball games, and office visits…oh my!

Let’s face it, sometimes you can’t even find the time to shave your legs, let alone create a masterpiece on your head, face, and fingers. Here are a few of my favorite quick and simple solutions to get pretty, fast! Read more>>

Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefits

Dear Audrey, I think I want to try bangs, but I’m nervous! Can you give me some pointers?

Great question and I respect your apprehension. Here are a few guidelines to help you get the most bang for your buck. Read more>>

Keeping Your Nails in Tip Top Shape

Keeping Your Nails in Tip Top Shape

Dear Audrey,

What is the best way to get my nails to grow and keep them healthy? Every time I try to grow them long, at least one or two always seem to break!

Having struggled with this myself, I have total sympathy for you! Here are a few tips and recommendations to get your nails in tip top shape. Read more>>

Caring for your Hair and Skin During the Winter Months

Caring for your Hair and Skin During the Winter Months

Dear Audrey,

This winter has been brutal on my skin and my hair! What can I do to alleviate dry hair and chapped, dry and peeling skin?

The changing of the seasons can really cause havoc on the skin, hair, and nails. Here are a few things you can do that will brighten your beauty forecast and are as easy as 1, 2, 3… Read more>>

Hair Coloring at Home

Hair Coloring at Home

Audrey Help!
I’ve been coloring my hair at home with the same permanent color for a while. Now it’s starting to look darker than it did before and it is getting really dry. What can I do to fix it?
Read more>>

How to Select the Right Hairbrush

How to Select the Right Hairbrush

Dear Audrey,

I need to replace my hairbrush. How do I know which hairbrush is best for my hair?

There are so many choices of hairbrushes available—sometimes it’s tough to know which one to select for your hair type. There are several factors to consider: bristle type and placement, shape and cushioning. Read more>>

Holiday Gifts for Everybody

Holiday Gifts for Everybody

Dear Audrey,

The holidays are almost here and I'm looking for some great gifts this year.

Any ideas?

I think that shopping locally is so important; it's a great way to keep your dollars in your community. You can find great holiday gifts for everyone by shopping at your local beauty supply store. What's more, their experienced and knowledgeable sales staff can help you find exactly the right product for you or the person you are buying a gift for. Read more>>

How to Winterize Your Skin

Winterize Your Skin

Dear Audrey,

Winter is here, any suggestions on how I can protect my skin from the harsh elements?

The winter months can be a problem for everyone, bringing an uncomfortable dryness to the skin of your face, hands, and feet. For some people, the problem can be even worse than just a general tight, dry feeling: their skin gets so dry it results in flaking and cracking. Read more>>

Get That Ghoulish Glow

Ghoulish Glow

Dear Audrey,

Do you have any good, inexpensive Halloween makeup and hair tips?

Most people don't think to shop at their local Beauty Supply store for their Halloween costumes but they should!  While you may not be able to get your full Halloween costume you will certainly get inspiration, makeup ideas and great hair ideas.  At Westside Beauty Supply there's always someone there to help you with makeup choices, whether you want to sport a ghoulish glow, punk rock hair, or cat eyes, our beauty professionals can help you rock your look.  Here are some of my favorite ideas: Read more>>

How to Wash Your Hair

How to Wash Your hairDear Audrey,

What is the best way to wash my hair?

Almost everyone washes their hair daily, or every other day and everyone has their favorite technique that works for them.  Salon professionals across the board have strong recommendations on the best way to wash your hair without damaging it.  Here are a few of their tips to wash your hair the correct way. Read more>>

A Matter of Balance
—Moisturizing Masks

Protect Yourself:  The ABCDEs of Skin CancerDear Audrey,

My hair is incredibly dry during the summer months. Is there anything I can do to help bring it back to its usual shiny self?

UV rays can be just as damaging to the hair as they can be to the skin so it’s important to protect your hair as well as moisturize it when it’s dry. Sun, win, chemical treatments and shampoos can all upset the natural ph balance of your hair. Yup, I said ph balance.  Having lovely, soft and lustrous hair is a beauty balancing act. Read more>>

Protect Yourself:
The ABCDEs of Skin Cancer

Protect Yourself:  The ABCDEs of Skin CancerDear Audrey,

My girlfriend just told me she has skin cancer and she is encouraging me to do regular skin checks. What are they and what should I be looking for?

The Skin Cancer foundation recommends that you should examine your skin head-to-toe once a month, looking for any suspicious lesions. Self-exams can help you identify potential skin cancers early, when they can almost always be completely cured. Physicians have developed the ABCDEs for early recognition of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Read more>>

Beauty on the Go — Travel Tips for a Great Escape

Beauty on the Go — Travel Tips for a Great EscapeDear Audrey,

I’m going to be traveling a lot this summer, do you have any recommendations for makeup and hair products I should bring and how to pack them safely?

Enjoying the perfect get-away includes a little planning especially when it comes to your hair and makeup regimen. Don’t be tempted to bring everything in your beauty drawer instead be realistic and pack only what you are actually going to use. Read more>>

Get Ready for Sandal Season

Get Ready for Sandal SeasonDear Audrey,

My feet and toes look terrible! What can I do to make them look great for sandal season?

With a little bit of effort and some tender loving care your feet will be ready for flip-flops in no time. Here are my tips for happy, smooth, beautiful feet and toes. Read more>>

Beauty Supply Store Benefits

Beauty Supply Store BenefitsDear Audrey,

Is there a benefit to shopping at my local Beauty Supply Store? I thought only Salon Professionals could shop there.

This is a great question!  It is a misnomer that you have to be a Salon Professional to shop at a Beauty Supply store. Anyone can shop there and receive the same benefits of a Salon Professional. What are the benefits you may be thinking? Well there are several that will benefit the regular consumer and non-Salon Professional that I've detailed below.. Read more>>

Embrace Your Curls with a Great Hair Cut

Embrace Your CurlsDear Audrey,

I need a new look and I want to cut my hair; the problem is it's really curly. I have no idea what kind of cut would work for my hair. Do you have any tips for finding the right style?

Working with your stylist is really important.  Make sure your stylist is comfortable working with curly hair of your type.  Then arm yourself with some great pictures of styles that you like and you think might work with your hair type.  Look for pictures in magazines or online. Here are a few descriptions of some great styles to get you started. Read more>>

Help for that Winter Itch

Winter Itch

Dear Audrey,

My skin and hair are parched and dry—my skin is itchy too. Any suggestions on how to cope with dry flakey skin and hair?

Dry flakey skin can be itchy and uncomfortable and dry hair is just annoying, especially now, with the weather being so strange—either really cold and blustery or strangely warm, tricking us into thinking it’s spring. Read more>>

Best Beauty Secrets of 2013

Gossip Girls

Dear Audrey,

You’ve shared a lot of information with us this year - can you recap some of your favorite ideas?

Absolutely! First of all let me say that on behalf of all of us at Westside Beauty Supply, thank you for a wonderful year. We’ve loved meeting all of you and hope that over the course of last year, you enjoyed the articles we’ve been sharing. Here are some of my favorite articles from 2013, along with some things to look forward to in the coming year. Read more>>

Gifty GirlPamper Yourself,
Indulge Others

Dear Audrey,
Its holiday time and I’m at a loss for gifts. Do you have any ideas?

Yes, I do! In fact, why not take time to pamper yourself a little bit while indulging others. There are a lot of wonderful gifts available at your local Beauty Supply Store. We asked the professionals at Westside Beauty Supply what their favorites were and here’s what they said! Read more>>

Smokey EyesSmoke Gets on Your Eyes

Dear Audrey,

How can I achieve a sultry smokey eye for those holiday evening parties coming up?

Great question! I went to Eden Johnson, our Capitola Store Make up Artist to get the answer. Follow her tips and you'll have that sultry party look in no time! Read more>>

Spooktacular hair and eyesSpook it up for Halloween!

Dear Audrey,
I want to do something fun to my hair and makeup for Halloween this year, and I want to be sure it's not permanent. Any ideas?

I've got some great ideas that will help you Spook it up for Halloween—from your hair, to your eyes and even your nails! 
Read on for some more fun ideas>>

BB CreamSummer Hair Damage
Can be Fixed!

Dear Audrey,

After a full summer of swimming, sun, and styling, my hair seems to be dull and unmanageable, is there a product to help with this?

I love summer just like everyone else, but I don’t like what it does to my hair either—after 3 months of sun, sand, swimming and styling, my hair looks dull and lifeless too.  There are several ways you can fix your unruly locks with styling products, shampoos and other treatments. Read More>>

BB CreamFalse Eyelash Tutorial

Dear Audrey,

I love the look of false eyelashes, but I’m afraid to try using them at home—they look so difficult to put on—can you help?

False eyelashes are a great way to enhance your eyes, whether you’re headed out for an evening of romance, or just going about your everyday business. Applied correctly, false eyelashes can add instant glam, widen small eyes and even make you look younger.  There are 2 types of false eyelashes available—strip eyelashes and individual lashes. I’m going to focus on how apply False Strip Eyelashes. Read More>>

BB CreamWhat is a BB Cream?

What the heck is a BB cream? I’ve heard people talk about them but I have no idea what they are or how I would use one. Can you help?

You are so right!  There are a lot of BB creams out there and it can be a little confusing.  Let’s start at the beginning.

How Did BB Creams Get Their Beginning?

BB cream is short for beauty balm or blemish balm. They were first developed in Germany in the 60’s by a dermatologist who wanted a single cream that would protect skin and provide coverage after laser treatments. BB creams weren’t very popular until a couple of years ago when a few Korean actresses started using them. Read More>>

Gel NailsLet’s Get Physical with Sun Block

Dear Audrey,

I’ve heard people talking about physical sun block. What is it and how does it differ from the sunscreen that is in my moisturizer and foundation?

Great question! I know that there are lots of ways to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Whether you’re a someone who loves to sit and relax in the sun or a hardened outdoor athlete its really important to protect your skin every day. There are really two different types of ways to protect your skin either physical sunblock or chemical-based sunscreen. Read More>>

Gel NailsWhy We Love Gel (Shellac) Nail Colors

Dear Audrey,

Every time I go into the nail salon to get my nails done, they try to get me to use gel nail color—but it’s twice as expensive!  Is it really worth all the hype?

You know the same thing happens to me too.  So I decided to do a little digging and find out what the hype is all about.  What you are referring to is Gel nail color or polish—not Gel nails or Acrylic nails which are very different. Read More>>

CurlingPlaying with Color

Dear Audrey,

I just got my hair colored and I love it—now, how do I keep the color from fading?

I love the way I feel after getting my hair colored too.  My hair feels great and shiny and brilliant.  I have a few tips to help you keep that color bright—but let’s start from the beginning. Why does the color fade? Read More>>

CurlingPssst... The Secret
of Dry Shampoo

Dear Audrey,
What are dry shampoos and how do you use them?

Remember the 70’s? That’s when dry shampoo made its debut in the form of Pssst! Pssst was the original dry shampoo that was developed in the 70’s to “refresh and rejuvenate hair by soaking up excess oil, removing product build-up and boosting volume”. Read More>>

CurlingSkin Maintenance = Slower Aging of the Skin

Dear Audrey,
What are the benefits of getting a facial?

Ah facials—one of my favorite indulgences that has become a true necessity.  I love getting a facial.  I started getting them as a treat to myself, but as I get older I see the benefits and necessity of getting regular facials.  Just about anyone can benefit from having a facial—and as you age, the benefits continue to increase. Read More>>

CurlingStyle Me Beautiful

Dear Audrey, How do I know which styling tools are right for my hair?

Are you using your daughter's hair dryer or curling iron? Is your daughter using your flat iron?  Does it make a difference—well maybe.  Styling tools, like curling irons, blow dryers, or flat irons, all have different features and there is a large difference in price depending on where you do your shopping. Read More>>

MakeupThere’s more to Beautiful Skin than Just Cleansing and Moisturizing

Dear Audrey,
I wash my face and moisturize every day but should I be doing more?

Yes! You are on the right track by using a good cleanser and moisturizer, but to keep your skin young and fresh you need to more. There are 3 other things I like to recommend: Read More>>

MakeupThe Best Tool
for the Job

Dear Audrey,
I just received a makeup brush kit with several brushes and I have no idea what each one is for, can you tell what each one is used for?

Eyes, face, lips cheeks—there seems to be a brush in your kit for everyone of those right? But which one do you use for what? Here’s what some of the experts recommend. Read More>>

MakeupSold Only in Professional Salons

I recently purchased some shampoo at my local big box store, and it stated “Sold Only in Professional Salons”.  Is it the same product that I purchase from the salon where I get my hair cut?

That’s a good question with a hard answer.  What we are talking about here is called diversion. Diversion is an industry term for the unauthorized sale of salon products. Read More>>

MakeupMineral Makeup vs.
Non-Mineral Makeup

Somebody asked me the other day whether mineral makeup was really "better" than traditional makeup. Rather than take a side on which type of makeup is better, I thought I'd give a general outline of the pros and cons of each type. As with any beauty product, the choices are seemingly limitless because nothing works well for everybody. Read More>>

Nioxin System 1Changes in Sunscreen Regulations

Remember when we used to lay out to get a tan without a thought about skin cancer or premature aging? Well, obviously we have become more educated and aware of the effects of prolonged sun exposure the last few decades. However, the regulations for "sunscreen" and "sunblock" have not really changed in 33 years. That is until this year. Read More>>

Nioxin System 1Thinning Hair Care

Audrey – I want to get my husband some shampoo for his thinning hair, but I’m confused by all the “Systems” Nioxin has. How do I know what to buy for him?

Nioxin has 6 “Systems” for hair loss in their line, as well as a line for dandruff.  As overwhelming as it sounds, picking the right one is easy. Systems 1-4 are for normal to fine hair, 5-6 are for medium to coarse hair. Read More>>

Curly Girl!Curly Hair Care

Curly hair can range from wavy to kinky. Curly hair in general tends to be drier than straight hair, and it tends to have less shine by nature (straight hair has a flat surface and reflects more light). As a result, it is really important to keep curly hair moisturized. Sulfate-free products have less harsh ingredients, allowing the hair to hold on to its moisture better. Read More>>

Do you carry organic shampoo?

This was a question that I heard from a customer in one of the stores. Organic shampoo? I'm aware of what organic means at the grocery store, or at least I think I am, but I had no idea what it meant in a shampoo or beauty product. So, I did some research. Here is what I found out. Read More>>

How to Buy Styling Tools

Styling tools, like curling irons, blow dryers, or flat irons, have a large disparity in price, depending on where you are shopping. When the price on a curling iron can range from $10-$200, it is only natural to wonder what the differences are. Here's a basic break-down of what features you might be paying for. Read More>>

Covering GrayBeauty Tips 101

With all the people that we see coming in and out of the stores, I was surprised to find that there are some common questions and patterns with our customers' concerns. Here are a few tips you may or may not know.

#1 – Don't Use Old Beauty Products
Beauty products are not food or drugs, and are regulated differently. Instead of having expiration dates on packaging, most beauty products have a life span. This is the time after opening a product that it is guaranteed to perform as indicated. Read More>>

Covering GrayCovering Gray

I have sporadic gray hairs - like 10 or 20. How do I cover them? I don't want to get the rest of my hair colored. - Michelle

Michelle -
There are quite a few products on the market for selectively covering gray hair. These products can also be used for root touch ups, and mustaches. Each product either blends (gives the hair a darker hue, but you can still see some white, it's less noticeable) or covers (actually changes the color of the hair and you won't see any white). Here are some suggestions: Read More>>

Back To School
—and Dreaded Head Lice

We had a request to talk about head lice in our newsletter, and while it certainly is not fun to talk about, we are getting ready for school season again. And while children tend to be the overwhelming majority of head-lice sufferers, adults get them, too. So, go ahead and itch….it's okay. Let's talk about head lice. Read More>>


Summer and Your Hair

As the weather gets warmer, our daily patterns begin to change, giving most of us more time in the sun and in the pool. Your hair-care regimen could need to change as well. Here is some general information on what shampoos and conditioners you may want to consider. Read More>>


How Diversion Affects You

Diversion? If you aren't in the beauty business, chances are you've never given a thought to it, much less heard of it. Diversion is an industry term for unauthorized sale of salon products. If you read the bottle of your professional hair-care products, it states clearly that the product is only guaranteed by the manufacturer if purchased from a salon professional. Diversion is when big box stores sell the same products. So, how does this affect you as a consumer? Read More>>

Beautiful WomanAging Gracefully

Have you ever walked through the mall or grocery store and seen that 60ish woman who caught your eye? She was quite simply beautiful. She is what all of us hope to be - striking in our golden years. Ask yourself: What does sexy mean in your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond? What is beautiful in your eyes? If you can only picture youth, then you are selling yourself (and all your friends) short. Here are some facts about aging. Read More>>