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Beauty Supply Store Benefits

Beauty Supply Shopping

Dear Audrey,

Is there a benefit to shopping at my local Beauty Supply Store? I thought only Salon Professionals could shop there.

This is a great question!  It is wrong to assume that you have to be a Salon Professional to shop at a Beauty Supply store. Anyone can shop there and receive the same benefits of a Salon Professional. What are the benefits you may be thinking? Well there are several that will benefit the regular consumer and non-Salon Professional that I’ve detailed below.

Knowledgeable sales staff

Knowledgeable Customer Service Professionals are a very important part of a successful Beauty Supply Store. At Westside Beauty Supply the staff are educated professionals with experience in the hair, makeup and skin industry. Each one of them has hands on experience and in-store education and training that they can share with their customers to help them solve their hair, skin and makeup problems.

In-store education

Local Beauty Supply stores pride themselves on having experienced, educated customer service.  In-store education is very important.  At Westside Beauty Supply for example, in-store education happens regularly. Sales Reps from different hair, skincare and makeup companies come into the store and provide educational seminars for our sales staff  which include the latest trends, newest products and formulas, and other timely information. With this knowledge in hand our Customer Service Professionals can help their customers’ better select the best products for their needs.

Salon quality products

The products that are sold in a local Beauty Supply store are salon quality products.  They are the same high quality products you might find in your salon. Often you will find them at a better price as well. If you buy salon quality products in drug stores or somewhere other than a Beauty Supply store you may be a victim of diversion, which you can read about here.

Competitive pricing

People assume that because a product is purchased at a large discount store that the products are less expensive. In the case of beauty supplies, this is rarely the truth. In order for those stores to get the product, they have to buy it from somebody who already bought it wholesale. We regularly check prices at large discount stores to make sure we still have the best price, and rarely are we higher. We quite simply get a better deal ourselves when we buy from proper channels.

Price matching

Many local Beauty Supply stores do price matching. At Westside Beauty Supply if you find a product we carry somewhere else at a better price we’ll match that price. Just bring us proof and it’s done!

Fun Events

Everyone loves a party and there’s nothing more fun than a night out with girlfriends or guy friends. Local Beauty Supply stores offer fun events and gatherings centered on making you look and feel great. From a DevaCurl’s night out to a Dermalogica Skin care workshop you’ll find these events fun, educational, full of samples, discounts and hands on demonstrations.

In-store makeup consultations

If you are looking for a new look, most local Beauty Supply stores have a makeup artist on staff that can do a consultation with you, often for free. You’ll also find that they are skilled in color matching foundations and other makeup. They help you take the guesswork out of finding the right product.

Shop local

Shopping local can boost our town’s economy and is good for the neighborhoods.  Local businesses keep their money in their community, unlike large box stores and corporations. 

So next time you need a new shampoo or skincare product, drop in to your local Beauty Supply Store —you won’t be disappointed!


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