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Embrace Your Curls
with a Great Hair Cut

Embrace Your CurlsDear Audrey,

I need a new look and I want to cut my hair; the problem is it's really curly. I have no idea what kind of cut would work for my hair. Do you have any tips for finding the right style?

Working with your stylist is really important.  Make sure your stylist is comfortable working with curly hair of your type.  Then arm yourself with some great pictures of styles that you like and you think might work with your hair type.  Look for pictures in magazines or online. Here are a few descriptions of some great styles to get you started. 


These days Afros are updated and shaped. An afro works best on coarse, tight textures because you need the volume to get the fullness.  It tends to work best on round or square faces.

Blended Bangs

The Blended Bangs look is perfect for loose, wavy hair with a fine texture. Ask your stylist for very light layers along the bottom of the hair and blended bangs that fall to mid-eyebrow. This looks works for a lot of people because the bangs are side swept and not too short.

Curly Shag

A curly shag cut is about controlled chaos, it's best for women with a curly texture. This look is fuller towards the roots and wispier at the ends—using a razor is the best strategy. It’s best to avoid this cut if your hair is overly coarse or has unruly texture.

Pixie Cut

Ask your stylist for a graduated pixie style, but not a precision cut.  It should be longer on top to show off texture and choppiness. Be sure to let it dry naturally and use a frizz-control product for separation and shine.

Tight Curls and Steep Layers

This cut is good for all curly hair types. Ask for long and wispy (not blunt) layers using a slide-cutting technique. Remember though, if you have too many layers at the top, it will get too curly—you want it to be softer around the face.

Once you are armed with a great style, make sure you have all the products you need to maintain that happy head of curls.  You can get some great product information in one of my previous articles, Curly Hair Care.

Here's to happy, bouncy curls!


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