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Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefits

Dear Audrey, I think I want to try bangs, but I’m nervous! Can you give me some pointers?

Great question and I respect your apprehension. Here are a few guidelines to help you get the most bang for your buck.

Firstly, Let’s Talk Commitment

Does your hair have lots of natural texture or crazy cowlicks? Heavy texture can make some bang styles hard to style. Most bangs, regardless of texture, will need some kind of thermal assistance daily to stay styled. If you don’t even own any styling tools, skipping the snipping may be a wise choice.

Now for the fun part, let’s discuss styles.

Side Swept

A length that ends near the nose works well for just about everyone. These are also a safe length for you commit-a-phobes. They can easily be styled with a round brush and a little effort. They look great with a side part and on heart shaped faces.

Straight Across

Cutting straight across is a very classic look and works best for naturally straighter, less unruly hair. Feeling like your forehead is more of a 5? Adding bangs that fall across the brow will make your face appear shorter. If you have thick hair and don’t want a full bang, texturing works well to break up the bulk.

Middle Parted

Parting in the middle suits many face shapes and looks BOHO chic with long hair. If your face is on the rounder side, keep them a little longer. A little texturing works great too, especially if your hair is coarse and thick.

Baby or Micro Bangs

These are making a big comeback. There are so many variations, so I highly recommend bringing a photo you like to be sure you and your stylist are on the same page. Keep in mind that if any of your facial features are very prominent, you may not like these, as they will draw a lot of attention to your face.

Rounded or Pointed Just Above the Brow

This is a great retro look. It is best kept blown out with a round brush, turned under with a curling iron and hair-sprayed in place to keep you looking pin-up worthy.


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