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How to do a Blowout at Home

Dear Audrey,

I love the way my hair looks and feels after a salon blowout. I’ve tried to do it myself, but it just doesn’t look the same. Do you have any pointers to help me create a smooth, long lasting blowout at home?

Yes! I know how you feel. If only we had an extra pair of arms! Here are a few tricks you can try that will help you achieve a buxom blowout and make it last too!

Tools you will need:

Let’s start with freshly washed, conditioned, towel dried and detangled hair.

First, I recommend dividing your hair into a few sections, so it is easy to manage. You can use your finger or a comb. I like to start in the back and work in three sections, moving from the crown (peak of the head) to the nape (neck).

Now lightly spritz some thermal protectant through the hair and take a section from the top that is about as wide as the brush you are working with. Push the brush upward past the base of the section and start drying the hair from the roots to the ends. Once the root area has started drying roll the brush through the mid-shaft and ends.

Once the section is dry, use your fingers to roll the curl up into a barrel and pin it at the base. This will allow the hair to cool in position, making it last longer. Spritz with hairspray and repeat in the same manner until you get to the nape.

For the top take the same size sections and continue in the same manor. I typically use a Mohawk type part for the front center first, and work down the sides.

Once all of the hair has been pinned and sprayed, start letting down the sections from the bottom to the top and separating them by running your fingers through them. If you want a polished look, run the brush vigorously back through it.  

Now give it an all over spray with finishing spray and if there are any flyways of frizz try a Finishing sheet from Redken or some Alterna Anti Frizz Curl Defining Cream for a little extra control.

For a lasting style, try loosely rolling your hair into a few buns just before bed. Keep them low, so they do not bother your neck while you sleep. Flat elastics work great to hold these without denting or damaging your hair. Wake up, shake them out, and enjoy another day of your hair!


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