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Mineral Makeup vs.
Non-Mineral Makeup

Somebody asked me the other day whether mineral makeup was really "better" than traditional makeup. Rather than take a side on which type of makeup is better, I thought I'd give a general outline of the pros and cons of each type. As with any beauty product, the choices are seemingly limitless because nothing works well for everybody.

Mineral Makeup:

  • Mineral makeup has a built in SPF just because it is mineral makeup. It's automatic sun protection.

  • Because mineral makeup has fewer ingredients, it is great for people with sensitive skin.

  • It offers variable coverage, which makes coverage easier to control.

  • It sits on top of the skin so it is non-clogging.
    (Please note – I personally wear mineral makeup mainly because I am notoriously bad about taking it off after a late night. Yes, I occasionally sleep in my makeup!!)

  • Mineral makeup is easily removed with a regular wash routine, no scrubbing necessary.

  • Mineral makeup pretty much only offers a matte finish, or a non-shiny finish.

  • The colors tend to be more muted and neutral.

  • Mineral makeup is more blending and less layering.

  • Mineral makeup is water proof and sweat proof.

  • Mineral makeup is more expensive, but seems to last longer and go farther.

  • Mineral makeup is available as a powder foundation and liquid foundation.

Non-Mineral Makeup:

  • Non-Mineral makeup often comes with a sunscreen option if you want it.

  • Because it is more layering, it can offer more coverage.

  • Non-Mineral makeup is often less expensive, but our clients are buying it more often.

  • It offers a more dewy finish, and you can often find matte finishes as well.

  • There are a lot of ingredients, and it might irritate sensitive skin.

  • This makeup really needs to be taken off at the end of the day for skin health.

  • There are more dramatic colors to choose from.

Again, this is just a general reference. If you have more questions, please give us a call. We offer both types of makeup, and have been trained in makeup application. Although everyone has had training, we have several makeup experts working for us. You can call ahead and make sure they are going to be there if you want to learn tips or get specific help. In Capitola, ask for Eden, Sara or Sami. In Paso, ask for Kristy or Brittany. In Scotts Valley ask for Natalie or Cheryl. In Santa Cruz ask for Ana.

Thanks for choosing is for your beauty needs. We can't wait to see you in the store again.


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