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A Matter of Balance
—Moisturizing Masks

Moisturizing Masks

Dear Audrey,

My hair is incredibly dry during the summer months. Is there anything I can do to help bring it back to its usual shiny self?

UV rays can be just as damaging to the hair as they can be to the skin so it’s important to protect your hair as well as moisturize it when it’s dry. Sun, wind, chemical treatments and shampoos can all upset the natural pH balance of your hair. Yup, I said pH balance.  Having lovely, soft and lustrous hair is a beauty balancing act. A great way to repair damaged, dry hair and restore your hair’s pH balance is with a moisturizing mask treatment.  These masks are usually available from your stylist as an additional treatment when you get your hair cut or colored. You can also do it yourself at home by trying one of the several moisturizing hair masks available at your local beauty supply store, like Westside Beauty Supply.

How they Work

Hair masks replenish moisture and lipids to dry damaged hair.  A hydrating formula will seal and smooth the cuticle, creating a polished, shiny surface.  The healthy pH of hair is between 4 and 5.5. Shampoos and other hair products can range from a 4 ph to around an 8. Shampoos that have a high pH over 7 make our hair initially feel soft, but in turn will dry out the hair by leaving the hair cuticle too open and susceptible to the natural elements in the air because the cuticles are lifted.  Keeping our pH levels in check will close the cuticle and help lock moisture in. That’s why using a moisturizing mask with a ph of 4-5.5 can restore your hair to its natural luster and softness.

Our Favorite Masks

  • ENJOY Hair Mask: With a pH of 4.5 – 5.5 this intensive smoothing mask enriches dry and unruly hair leaving it feeling soft, silky and easy to manage.

  • HED-Depth Deep Conditioning Mask: This in-salon professional treatment delivers a moisture-intensive boost to restore body and shine while protecting hair from chemical services. This mask combines strengthening proteins with color preserving natural extracts, which leave hair incredibly smooth, resilient and shielded from UV dry-out and other oxidative damage. PH perfect of 4.5.

  • Color Proof Deep Quench: A rich, creamy, next generation masque specifically designed to infuse moisture deep into the hair shaft. This miracle worker intensely hydrates, nourishes and repairs, all while prolonging color life.

  • Alterna Hair Care Bamboo Smooth Kendi Intense Conditioning Masque: This deeply penetrating intensive treatment nurtures frazzled strands, making each one feel smooth and sleek while eliminating frizz. It leaves hair healthier, smoother and more manageable after just one use.

  • Alterna Hair Care Bamboo Color Hold+ Rehab Deep Hydration Masque: An ultra hydrating leave-in mask that is packed with nourishing Organic Bamboo Extract and Kalahari Melon Extract to strengthen severely damaged hair.

  • Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Masque: Hair in need of extra conditioning can benefit from this 5-minute revival treatment. Ideal for thick hair, the high-performance, argan oil–rich formulas deeply hydrate and condition while dramatically improving hair’s texture, elasticity, shine and manageability.

How to Use

  • Apply the product liberally to wet hair comb through the hair.

  • Let the product sit for 2-5 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

  • For extra moisturizing, cover with a plastic cap and apply heat for about 20 minutes. Some stylists even recommend leaving a mask on for up to an hour.

When you are purchasing hair products and masks be sure to read the product label to see if they are ph balanced for your hair.  You might also consider purchasing some ph test strips to check the ph of your shampoos and conditioners—almost like being back in high school chemistry lab!  As always, at Westside Beauty Supply we are always happy to help you select the right hair products for you—our sales staff is knowledgeable and experienced and happy to help.

Here’s to a wet and wild summer!


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