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Dear Audrey,
Do you have a guide for how much product I should be using? I feel like I go through twice as much conditioner as I do shampoo. Is that normal?

We have serving sizes for what we eat, why not with beauty products, right? This is especially important with professional products. You really can lose performance, see adverse effects, and put an unnecessary dent in your finances when you use too much. Here is a basic portion guide and some other suggestions to help you get the most benefits out of your beauty care products.



A dollar coin size, plus a little more if may be needed for your neck and décolleté. Work in small circular motions to help gently lift off dirt, oils, and debris.


A single spritz or two should be enough to cover your face and neck. Dermalogica’s Age Smart Antioxidant Hydromist can be applied before treatments and moisturizers for added benefits and better results.


Think quarter size on this, and nickel more for décolleté and neck. They need love too!

Eye Cream

A pea sized amount for each eye is more than enough. Pat it on gently, never drag and pull on this delicate area.


About a pea will do nicely for your entire face. Remember these can get really greasy, really fast, so just a little bit goes a long way.


A quarter size is perfect for your face. If it’s for the body, this amount works fine for arms too, go for about a dollar coins worth to treat your legs and back.


Again, about a quarter-sized amount should be enough to cover your entire face. If it’s targeted for certain areas like the nose, a nickel should suffice. 



A raspberry sized amount for shorter hair, two for longer. Always concentrate on the scalp area. You do not need to directly shampoo your ends. It will only cause dryness. If your hair is really dirty, try a deep cleansing clarifying shampoo like Detox From Color Proof. It is color safe and gets the buildup out without over stripping.


About the same portion goes for shampoo, but instead of the root, apply it to your ends, working towards the mid-shaft. Conditioning your root area will only make your scalp greasier fast, but will also make your hair flat and limp.

Mousses and Foams

A dollop about the size of a golf ball will do. Use your fingertips or a comb to distribute it close to the root and away from the ends for volume and control.

Pomades and Creams

A nickel for shorter styles, or to add definition to medium/long styles. Warm thick formulas like Grip Grease from FiberTech with a blow drier or in your hands with friction to aid in distribution with your fingertips.


Again, about a raspberry for short hair, two for long hair and focus on the ends. This is where you have the most damage from age, environment, chemicals, and heat.

Hair color

Pay attention to key points in the directions like mixing ratios, processing times and if it’s applied to dry or wet hair. Glosses tend to be applied to towel dried (wet) hair, so you don’t have to use as much. Cream colors are thicker and don’t spread as easily, especially on dry hair. Try mixing only what you need. The best part about not mixing enough, you can always mix more. If you mix too much, it’s like washing money down the drain.



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