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Spook it up for Halloween!

Colorful hair

Dear Audrey,
I want to do something fun to my hair and makeup for Halloween this year, and I want to be sure it’s not permanent. Any ideas?

I’ve got some great ideas that will help you Spook it up for Halloween—from your hair, to your eyes and even your nails!  Read on for some fun ideas…

Spook up your Hair with Color Chalk

If you’ve always wanted to add a shock of bright color to your hair but were afraid that it might not go over well at work on Monday, then Color Chalk is for you!  Using hair chalk you can add blue or purple wisps or full sections without ever worrying about a trace of it showing up on Monday—it’s easy and makes a statement.  One of my favorite products is Colorsmash Hair Shadow by Condition Culture. This product sits on top of your hair and does not penetrate the hair shaft, so you can wash it out when you are done! For the best results, follow the guidelines below with Hair Chalk:

  • Put on a cape or cover over your clothes to be sure they are protected from the color.

  • If your hair is dry or damaged you may want to prep your hair with a leave in conditioner.

  • Make sure when you are applying the color, to use small sections—no bigger than what will fit on the shadow compact.

  • Place the shadow between your thumb and your hair, slide the shadow down the hair turning the hair as you go to insure the hair is completed covered.

  • Be bold.  If you are a blonde most shades will give you a bright spark of color. If your hair is darker—brown or black, then try a deeper saturated shade.

  • You can use two or three colors to create an ombrê effect.

  • When you are finished, gently comb through the hair to make sure any residual color is not left on the hair.

  • To set the colors apply an aerosol hairspray.


BwildBe Wild with Hair Color Spray

For a quick splash of temporary fun hair color try Color Spray!  Jerome Russell makes a great spray in color so you can add that wild feeling to your locks.  Express your team spirit or go brilliant blue—either way, the color sprays in and washes out easily and it will not damage your hair.  To get the best results follow the guidelines below:

  • Keep the color spray from getting on clothing by wearing a towel around your shoulders.

  • When spraying around your hairline, put a little petroleum jelly on your hairline so you can easily wipe off any color that gets on skin.

  • Shake can well before spraying.

  • Hold the can about a foot away from hair.

  • Only apply to dry hair.

  • Spray hair in sections, flipping hair over to coat the undersides.

  • To get even color, use a small plastic comb to distribute color through your hair after your spray each section.

Captivating Eyes

For captivating cat eyes try out some exotic false eyelashes.  Lots of fun styles are available and they are really easy to apply. Check out Ask Audrey's How to Apply False Eyelashes and watch the video. Think about painting on fabulous Black Swan Eyes (Like Natalie Portman from The Black Swan), using black eyeliner, eye shadow and some white eyeliner. The possibilities are endless.  If you’d like some suggestions, visit Eden, our Makeup Artist at the Capitola Store.

Morgan Taylor Nail LacquerRockin’ Fancy Nails

Create a creepy or sparkly look on your nails using a combination of nail color, gems and decals.  Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer comes in a variety of sparkly brilliant colors and can make any set of nails go from plain to glam!  And for a creepier look try OPI’s Rock Goddess 4-piece mini nail polish set-- release your concert goddess alter ego with screaming colors for nails that are sure to rock!

Hope you have a Spooktacular Halloween!


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