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Thinning Hair Care

Nioxin System 1Audrey – I want to get my husband some shampoo for his thinning hair, but I’m confused by all the “Systems” Nioxin has. How do I know what to buy for him?

Nioxin has 6 “Systems” for hair loss in their line, as well as a line for dandruff.  As overwhelming as it sounds, picking the right one is easy. Systems 1-4 are for normal to fine hair, 5-6 are for medium to coarse hair.

  • System 1 – Just starting to notice hair loss (probably nobody else has yet), hair isn’t color treated.

  • System 2 – Hair loss is noticeable, hair isn’t color treated.

  • System 3 – Just starting to notice hair loss, hair is color treated.

  • System 4 – Hair loss is noticeable, hair is color treated.

  • System 5 – Coarse hair, just starting to notice hair loss, both natural and color treated hair.

  • System 6 – Coarse hair, noticeable hair loss, both natural and color treated hair.

Each system has a shampoo, conditioner, and a leave in treatment. The theory behind Nioxin is that if you start treating signs of hair loss as soon as you start to notice it, you can slow it down significantly (if it is genetic) or even stop it (if it is caused by stress, medications, diet, environment, damage, or aging). Nioxin products keep follicles clear of sebum, cleanse environmental residue from the scalp skin, provide sun protection, strengthen the hair cuticle to reduce breakage and damage, and amplify the hair’s texture (diameter of the hair). If hair loss is genetic, chances are it cannot be stopped completely but can be slowed down. Even with prescription medications like Propecia, or topical treatments like Rogaine, they only guarantee to slow the progression of balding, not grow back hair ( Some people have seen hair regrowth with these products, but that is not the norm.

Other products in the Nioxin line are:

  • Dermabrasion Treatment – exfoliates the scalp to revitalize scalp skin

  • Density Restoration – restores a more dense appearance to hair

  • Diamax – increases the diameter of existing hair strands

  • Hair Booster – boosts areas of low-hair density

  • Recharging Complex – multi-vitamin and mineral supplement

  • Deep Hair Repair Masque – deep conditioning treatment

  • Clarifying Cleanser – removes chlorine, minerals, and styling product build up

  • Scalp Shield – protects scalp skin and prevents sunburn

  • Medicating Cleanser – anti-dandruff shampoo

  • Moisturizing Conditioner – daily conditioner to reduce dandruff

  • Smoothing Serum – leave-in treatment to relieve itchy scalp

For those of you undergoing chemotherapy, you might want to consider using Nioxin’s System 2 or 4 as you are going through treatment. Because it is detoxifying for the scalp, we have had a lot of positive feedback about both the amount of hair loss and the rate in which it grew back. Much of this has to do with which chemo drugs are given, but we have had many customers who have reported back positive results from using Nioxin during treatment.

Nioxin is not only good for hair loss, it is great for color-treated hair in general because of the excellent sun protection and extra protein in the formulas. It also works well for people who just have thin hair and want more volume.

Nioxin is our biggest hair-loss line, but not our only one. Redken also makes a hair-loss line called Intra Force. It has System 1 for natural hair, and System 2 for color-treated hair. This line has the same basic premise behind it as Nioxin in that it keeps follicles clear, stimulates the scalp, and volumizes. There is a product called Micro Boost that is targeted treatment for low-density hairlines, and another called Hair Advance that is an intensive treatment for stress and seasonal changes, and can be used to kick-start a thinning-hair regimen.

Enjoy also makes a hair-loss product called Stimulator. This is a scalp leave-in treatment designed to help with specific areas of hair loss. Enjoy recommends using their Rejuvenating Volume shampoo and conditioner with it for a complete treatment plan.

These are the products that we have for thinning hair. Please keep in mind that hair loss is a clear sign that something has changed in the body. In addition to treating it for cosmetic reasons, consider bringing it up with your doctor. Many times, it is a side effect from medications that treat blood pressure, steroids, hormone treatment (including birth control), heart disease, acne, and diabetes. But it can also be a sign of nutritional deficiencies, thyroid issues, environmental toxins, or poor diet. Consider it an early warning sign that you might need to have your health checked. The quicker you address the issue, the more likely you are to stop it in its tracks. As always, if we can answer any questions, please let us know.


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