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Beauty on the Go — Travel Tips for a Great Escape

Pretty Feet

Dear Audrey,

I’m going to be traveling a lot this summer, do you have any recommendations for makeup and hair products I should bring and how to pack them safely?

Enjoying the perfect get-away includes a little planning especially when it comes to your hair and makeup regimen. Don’t be tempted to bring everything in your beauty drawer instead be realistic and pack only what you are actually going to use. Remember that airlines require that liquid products be no more than 3 fl. oz. and all bottles must fit in a clear quart size zip top bag when traveling with a carry on.

Here are my tips for a gorgeous you on a summer escape.

Double Duty

Look for items that do double duty, such as blush and lip color or a brown liner pencil. That way you won’t have to pack multiple items that do the same or similar things. Here are some recommendations:

  • Too Faced Full Bloom Crème Blush and cheek and lip rouge is a perfect double duty product—use it as a lipstick or blush.

  • Glo Protecting Lip Treatment SPF14 comes in 3 great colors and offers protection as well as shine and color.

  • Young Blood Mineral Radiance Moisture Tint is a lightweight moisturizer that does triple duty! It leaves skin comfortably hydrated, provides sheer, even-toned coverage and shields skin from environmental damage.

Face & Skin Must Haves

  • Cleanser: Try using facial wipes instead of liquid cleanser. They will be easier to pack and cut down on the amount of liquids in your suitcase.

  • Moisturizer: Purchase a small travel size of your moisturizer.  If you cannot find a small travel size, buy a small spill proof container and transfer some of your moisturizer into it.

  • Sunscreen: Lots of options are available but consider choosing a stick so you cut back on liquids that you have to pack.

  • BB Cream: BB creams are great because they are 3 things in one, foundation, sunscreen and a moisturizer. If you bring a BB cream you can probably leave your moisturizer and sunscreen at home.

Makeup Must Haves

  • Lip Balm/Color: Look for a moisturizing lip color in your favorite shade that has an SPF for protection. 

  • Eye liner: If you have a light brown pencil you can use it as both a lip liner and a brow pencil.

  • Mascara: Look for travel sizes or smaller tubes for your travel kit.

  • Eye Shadow: Not really a must have but if you have room tuck it in to your suitcase because a small compact of good colors can go a long way. A la Mode Eyes by Too Faced is a great choice because it includes great colors and highlighters in one convenient package.

When you are ready to begin packing I recommend putting similar items into zip top bags or other small spill proof bags. I like to put my mascara, eye shadow and eye pencil into one bag, and I put my BB cream, lip stick and sunscreen in another. I do this so it’s easier to find what I’m looking for and if by chance something opens or breaks in transit it won’t ruin everything else. I always bring a few extra zip top bags in case I need them.

Another handy trick is to place a cotton ball or cotton pad between any pressed powder compacts like blush or eye shadow just in case anything shatters. It gives the right amount of cushioning and can protect your products.

Hair Must Haves

  • Travel Size shampoo and conditioner. Almost every brand makes travel size products. If you cannot find your favorite hair products in travel sizes, be sure to pick up the small TSA approved spill-proof travel sized bottles to transfer your products into. Other alternatives include purchasing product when you arrive at your destination (call ahead to verify they have what you use) or even calling your hotel to see what type of products they offer in the rooms.

  • Travel Size Pump Hair Spray: If you must bring an aerosol type product pack it in your suitcase, or be sure it is 3 ounces and can fit in your quart zip top bag.

  • Head Bands: Headbands are the ultimate travel hair accessory. They keep the hair out of your face, can make it more manageable, and help to hide your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th day hair if need be.

  • Flat Iron or Curling Iron: These are now available in smaller more portable sizes. If you need to bring one, look for a smaller one that will take up less space.

Most hotels stock their rooms with hair dryers, so if you are staying in a hotel, you may not need to pack one. Be sure to call ahead to verify they offer one.

Enjoying the perfect get-away doesn’t mean skipping your beauty routine; you just need a little planning and the right beauty products and sunscreens. Westside Beauty Supply is here to you get ready for your travels. We carry travel-sized options for many of your favorite products. Tip: Consider trying a travel-sized product before buying a full sized version. Come in and let us help you find what you need your next trip.

Here’s to Happy, Beautiful Traveling!


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