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Dermalogica's ChromaWhite TRx

ChromaWhite TRx

Launched October, 2008, ChromaWhite TRx is Dermalogica's newest line to combat aging. Because uneven skin tones contribute to the appearance of aging as much as wrinkles, ChromaWhite TRx features the state-of-the-art peptide called Oligopeptide-34, which has been shown to inhibit melanin formation and brighten skin.

ChromaWhite TRx is available in all our locations.

The Products

Tri-Active Cleanse
Cleanse, brighten and clarify with this cleanser that exfoliates discolored skin cells and improves surface clarity.

Extreme C
An intense brightening powder to minimize current and future discoloration while accelerating skin brightening. Use twice daily.

A two-part powder-liquid exfoliant that dramatically smoothes and brightens skin.

Pure Light spf30
A daytime treatment moisturizer that conditions and brightens, and shields against pigment-inducing UVA/UVB light. Use daily in the morning.

C-12 Concentrate
A high-potency brightening treatment that helps minimize and prevent future discoloration.

Pure Night
Nourish and brighten while you sleep with this superior moisturizing treatment.