Spring Clean Your Beauty Supplies

With the “Kondo” craze in full effect, and the turn of a new year. I thought it would be helpful to revisit the subject of spring cleaning with some guidelines to help you keep your products fresh, organized and safe to use!

We all have it to some degree. Whether it be the seven different scented lotions, the drawer full of forgotten nail polishes, or several, shamefully dirty hairbrushes. It’s a great idea to get everything out of your drawers, bins, and cupboards. Take stock of what you have, what needs to be tossed, and organize what you actually really need and use.

Liquid Foundations, CC creams, BB Creams and the like

Do you have more than 1-2 in each category? It is totally excusable to have 2 different shades such as a fairer one for winter months but remember, if it sits for a year or more after opening, it’s probably no longer a good consistency, let alone pure and should be tossed.

Keep it fresh tip: Try using a spatula or other sanitary device for formulas in jars to avoid repeated contact with your fingers. This will also reduce the possibility of bacteria.


Do you have several that you tried and really didn’t like? Don’t bother keeping them all, just stick to the one you know, love and will use up preferably within 6 months. Mascaras dry out, thicken and can collect debris and bacteria with every dip of the wand so use it, then lose it!

Keep it fresh tip: Try to limit the number of times you dip the wand. Repeated pumping can cause more air to enter and dry the product out quicker.


Pencils are good for about a year, some less. Open them up, if the product has shrunk and pulled away, toss it! It’s dried out and possibly harboring bacteria. Stick to a few favorites that can be used within a year.

Keep it fresh tips: Always recap pencils as soon as possible. Give them a quick turn in a clean sharpener before putting them away. Clean your sharpener with isopropyl alcohol between uses. Be sure to get the inside and outside of the blades and body. It will work better, and last longer.

Pressed or Loose Powders

These last about 2 Years after opening.

Keep it fresh tip: As with any product, keep them sealed, avoid using your fingers directly and keep your brushes and sponges clean between uses.

Lipstick, Lipgloss or Balm

Don’t keep them longer than 2 years, max.

Keep it fresh tip: Clean the surface after use with a quick wipe of a tissue and keep it capped as much as possible so it doesn’t dry out.

Brushes and Sponges

These are favorites for bacteria so be sure to clean them frequently and replace them after they become warn. Natural bristle brushes can be cleaned with store bought brush cleaners or a mild, sulfate free shampoo. Be sure to suds them up well, rinse thoroughly, smooth the bristles into position and dry completely. Replace your beauty blenders and sponges frequently to keep your skin and products clean.


Remove shedded hair after each use and be washed a few times a month to avoid lint and dander buildup. Natural bristled brushes can be shampooed & dried.

Keep it fresh tip: Push a dryer sheet through the bristles of your hairbrush before use. This will trap all of the hair and debris on it when you pull it off. Discard the sheet after use.


Most products typically last 2-3 years after opening. Keep it fresh tip:

Keep all of your lids sealed tight. Products in pucks or jars are more likely to suffer contamination from repeated direct contact. Use a spatula instead of your fingers to avoid this.

Nail Polish

This can be an easier decision than you think. Polishes thicken over time and become unusable. Go through them one by one and check consistency. If the brush doesn’t load product well and drip off back into the bottle, it has thickened, dried out, or is almost gone. Time to toss it!

Keep it fresh tip: Use a permanent marker, tape or label to mark the date you opened it. This way you won’t have to guess in the future!

Disclaimer: This is just a guideline. If you are unsure of the freshness of any product, please check your packaging and contact the manufacturer directly for more information.

Now, go spark some joy!

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