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Beauty products

Spring Clean Your Beauty Supplies

With the “Kondo” craze in full effect, and the turn of a new year. I thought it would be helpful to revisit the subject of...


Dear Audrey, I’ve seen the term “multi-masking” everywhere. What is it? Yes, multi-masking has really had a surge in popularity lately. It is a really...

How to Condition Fine Hair

Dear Audrey, I have really fine hair that is color treated. Conditioners make my hair go limp and flat but if I don’t use them...
Washing hair

How to Wash Your Hair —the Right Way

Dear Audrey, I have an oily scalp, but the ends of my hair seem dry. What can I do to balance it out? I hear...

Spring Clean or Fling?

Dear Audrey, How long should I keep my products? I can’t find an actual expiration date, but I have had some of these around for...
Summer Beauty Tips

Summertime Beauty Tips

Summertime... and the livin’ is easy... Make it so with helpful tips and tricks to keep you looking your best all summer long! First and...
Looking in the mirror

Do You Know Your Skin Type?

Dear Audrey, I have dry skin, but in some places it gets oily. How can I tell what my skin type is? Navigating skin care...
Brushing hair

Hairbrush Makeover

Dear Audrey, I love my hairbrush, but it’s starting to look gross! Can it be cleaned and is there anything I can do to keep...
applying makeup

The Naked Truth About Mineral Makeup

Dear Audrey, What’s the story with Mineral Makeup? Is it really better for you? Here at Westside Beauty HQ, we have extensive first-hand knowledge of...
Checking scalp

Seasonal Scalp Wellness

Dear Audrey, I have never in my life had dandruff but my scalp is flaky this winter and it’s embarrassing. Do you have any recommendations?...


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