How do I stop the frizz?

Great question! I’ll show you some ways to control it or keep it from happening, start to finish.

We’ll start with the why. Classic frizz comes from moisture entering the cuticle of the hair and making it swell. 

It is also created mechanically by things like sleeping, drying, and brushing.

Dry hair types like curly, coarse, or fine, and hair that is regularly heat styled or chemically treated are more prone to frizz. Most of us fit into at least one of these hair types, and scenarios, if not more. That is why combating frizz isn’t solved with one approach. Let’s explore all of the ways you can make small changes in your routine to stop frizz.

Cut your losses

Frequent trims to remove dry and split ends. Ask anyone with healthy, long hair and they will tell you the same. Small trims more often = less splits, breakage, and frizz for longer, healthier hair.

It all comes out in the wash

Wash with a sulfate-free shampoo at the scalp as necessary. Most of us do not need to wash every day. Wait a few days between cleansing, use milder products, and use a clarifying shampoo once or twice a month to remove buildup, mineral deposits and keep your scalp fresh.

Concentrate all of your cleansing efforts and product at the scalp, not on your ends. It will all come clean enough when you rinse your hair and it will keep your ends from overly drying out. 

Here are some great Sulfate Free (and color-safe) options based on your hair’s texture:

Curls: AG Curl Fresh Shampoo

Fine: Enjoy Hollistic Volume Shampoo

Coarse: ColorProof SuperRich Shampoo

Fragile: Alterna Caviar Reconstructing Bond Repair Shampoo

Normal: Loma Moisturizing Shampoo

Conditioner is key

Always condition (that includes you over there with the fine hair). If you skip this step then a leave-in is a must!

Afraid of going flat? Try a lightweight volume conditioner and use it sparingly concentrating it from mid to ends. 

FineNumber 4 Volumizing Conditioner

Curls: MoroccanOil Curl Enhancing Conditioner

Coarse: Macadamia Professional UltraRich Moisture Conditioner

Fragile: Olaplex No 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner 

Normal: Original Sprout Luscious Island Conditioner

Last but not least

Leave-in conditioners are also key players in the fight against frizz. The pH of water is higher than that of our hair. It can leave the hair’s cuticle open. This causes hair to look dull, tangle easier and causes frizz. Leave-in conditioners restore the pH of your hair and provide shine, fight frizz and protect it from the elements, detangling and styling.

Fine: Shuga Aerosol Leave-in Conditioner

CoarseEnjoy Leave-in Conditioner

Curls: SunBum Curls & Waves Detangler

Fragile: Redken Extreme AntiSnap Treatment

Normal: Number 4 Supercomb Prep & Protect

To have & to hold

Sometimes only using a leave-in conditioner is not enough. I recommend using a stying product for extra control. 

I love Smoothing Balm from Number 4. It can be used on damp hair before heat styling, as an air-dry cream, and on dry hair to smooth out really tough flyaways and to create definition. 

Here’s to a great hair day beauties!

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