Summertime Beauty Tips

Summertime… and the livin’ is easy… Make it so with helpful tips and tricks to keep you looking your best all summer long!

First and foremost, SPF!

I’m sure you are aware that any time is an excellent time to wear sunblock, but especially so if you plan on getting outdoors more often or are even lucky enough to travel closer to the equator! You want to keep yourself protected from head to toe and reapply often! For the face, we recommend Dermalogica’s Solar Defense Booster. You can cocktail this lightweight formula with any of your favorite moisturizers. For the body, we love the Sun Bum Spray SPF. Its sheer formulation goes on dry to the touch making application a breeze, and it comes in 15 all the way up to 70 SPF!

Skincare switch-a-roos

Summer means warmer temperatures, more perspiration, and higher oil production. To avoid possible breakouts, or end up with a high-gloss sheen, try switching your moisturizer out to a lighter formula. If you usually love the Intensive Moisture Balance from Dermalogica in the dryer winter months, switch over to a medium weight product like Skin Smoothing Cream. 

Avoid going chlorine green

If enjoying the pool is on your list, be sure to give your hair a good soak before you get into the pool. Pre-saturating your hair with regular water will keep it from absorbing as much of the pool water. A light mist of a leave-in conditioner like this one from Enjoy helps too. To treat swimmers hair, we love Malibu C Swimmers Wellness shampootreatment, and conditioner. These sulfate-free products gently remove impurities from the hair and restore manageability and shine.

Sandal worthy feet and toes

Keep those tootsies smooth with a buffing pad from Feet First. Keep one in your shower and work it across the sides and backs of your feet after your feet have soaked for a while. Pat your feet dry and apply some Herbacin Foot Care Cream for velvety smooth skin.

Don’t forget the polish

The OPI Brights collection has some amazing colors for the summer season. A base and topcoat will keep your nails stain free and make your polish last. Start to Finish is a 3-in-1 basecoat, topcoat and nail strengthener that will get you out the door and to the beach in no time!

Have an awesome summer!

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