Love Your Scalp with a Shampoo Brush

Dear Audrey,
“I’ve seen shampoo brushes online. What are they all about?”

YAAASS! I am a huge fan of Shampoo Brushes. Shampoo (or scalp) brushes, like dry shampoo (my other BFF), are nothing new but are both classically overlooked and underestimated. They are a fantastic way to elevate your hair cleansing game, make better use of your shampoo, and leave your scalp feeling amazing. Trust me. Once you try one, you will instantly ponder why you never did this before!

Where does healthy hair start?

At the scalp, of course! Healthy scalp = healthier hair. And who doesn’t want healthier hair? Well, except maybe that Mr. Clean guy… but he does boast a squeaky clean scalp!  

Dead skin, sebum (oil), styling products, dirt, and other follicle/pore clogging yuck build up on your scalp between washes. This can contribute to dandruff, dry scalping even hair loss. Regular dry brushing of the hair is great. It eliminates tangles and helps distribute natural oils. Shampoo brushing is all about the scalp. 

Shampoo brushes are typically small, loop, or stem handled and made of plastic or silicone for use in the shower or bath. However, we recommend that you store your brush in a location where it can completely dry between uses to avoid mold. 

There are a few different types of scalp brushes. Cleansing varieties have small and compact bristles. Massage types have longer and thicker, more rounded bristles.

How to use a Scalp Brush:

Start by wetting your hair thoroughly. 

We love using a Clarifying Shampoo for this. Be thoughtful and take your time. Apply small amounts of shampoo at a time to your front hairline, crown, nape of the neck, down through the sides, and behind your ears. Use your fingers or a Shower Detangler to section your hair and ensure complete scalp coverage. Start massaging the shampoo with your fingertips. You can also apply a small amount of water again at this point if you need more lather.  Now you are ready to brush. Grip your scalp brush in your palm, or put one of your fingers through the loop if provided.

For long hair, avoid tangling by pushing the scalp brush straight down onto the scalp. With firm pressure, turn in a C or half-circle motion, then come straight back up. Repeat this motion all over your scalp. Flip your hair over to complete the nape and back of your head.

For short hair, feel free to turn the brush in more complete circles.

Once you have finished your entire head, rinse thoroughly with water. Next, rinse off your scalp brush and set it aside to dry. Finish with your favorite conditioner, or treat your hair with a mask. 

Here’s to a happy scalp and a little more self care. 


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