What to do if you can’t go to the salon!

Here are some beauty DIY Dos & Don’ts to consider until our salons open again.

Hair Color  

Already TCB yourself? Shop Color here. Missing a salon appointment? Don’t be tempted by box dyes at grocery stores and pharmacies. They are full of harsh metallic salts and trying to remove them can be next to impossible. Bleaches, highlights, and balayage are not easy techniques. There are tons of DIY videos online, but it is best if they are performed by a pro to avoid damaging and mistakes. Temporary root cover-ups in powders, mascaras, sticks, and sprays are a great way to get through your next family meeting or teleconference in style and they wash out with ease! 

Scalp and Hair Treatments

Revitalizing your scalp and hair are the perfect things to do at home!

Healthy scalp = healthy hair!

Follow the link for instructions on an invigorating DIY Scalp Treatment.

Give your hair a do-over with a Clarifying Shampoo and Deep Conditioning Mask. Dry hair or thirsty curls? We love the SuperRich DeepQuench Moisture Masque from ColorProof. Bleached or processed hair? Try The Luxury Mask from Enjoy. Towel dry your hair after shampooing. Apply the mask and wrap your hair in a towel, cap or bag. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for processing times and rinsing.

Missing your Mani Pedis? 

Get your digits dialed at home with a 5-Step Perfect Mani!

  1. Prep – wash your hands with soap and warm water to remove dirt and oils 
  2. Clean – use a cuticle remover and push those cuticles back away from the nail bed
  3. Shape – cut (if desired) and file making sure to file in one direction to avoid splits
  4. Buff – use a buffer to smooth the surface and get rid of any leftover cuticle debris
  5. Polish – start off with base coat, then 2 thin coats of color and finish with a top coat!

Supplies: Cuticle Remover, Nail Tools, Polish Remover, Polish 

Gel lover? 

This may be a good time to consider giving your nails a well-deserved break! Check this removal video by The Nail Hub & follow with a Nail Treatment.

Waxing buff? 

We’ve got everything from Cream Hair Removers to Microwave Wax Kits to make home hair removal a breeze. 

Stay Safe Beauties,
(waving from 6 feet away)

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