Summer and Your Hair

As the weather gets warmer, our daily patterns begin to change, giving most of us more time in the sun and in the pool. Your hair-care regimen could need to change as well. Here is some general information on what shampoos and conditioners you may want to consider.


These conditioners are reparative and protein based. They are used for strengthening of fine hair, correcting damage due to heat styling, bleach or high-lights, or general breakage from over work. Reconstructors are not necessary for low-lights. These types of conditioners are not moisturizing. They are available as one-time treatments, or as daily conditioners. We suggest you talk with your stylist about how often to use a reconstructor. Your hair stylist probably has a reconstructor treatment on his/her list of services if you just need it once in awhile. All the major hair-care lines have reconstructors. Some of our most popular reconstructors include Joico K-PAK Reconstructor and ENJOY Instant Reconstructing Conditioner.


These conditioners usually have “Moisturizing”, “Hydrating”, or “Mask” in their name. These conditioners are for any hair type that feels dry. These can be used daily for use in the shower or leave-in, or can be purchased as a treatment. If you tend to have oily hair, this conditioner type will likely be too much moisture for your hair. Again, your hair stylists likely has a moisturizing treatment available during your next appointment. All hair-care lines have moisturizing conditioners. One of our favorites is Enjoy’s Hair Mask.

Daily Conditioners

These conditioners are also called “Detangler” or “Lite” or “Normal”. These are for hair that is fine, not colored, and not hot styled. Depending on your hair type, you may need a daily conditioner most of the time, with either a moisturizing or reconstructor intermittently.

Purifying Shampoo

These can also refer to “Detoxing” or “Swim” in their names. They remove build up from styling products, but some also removes chlorine and other impurities associated with pools and spas. Some of these shampoos can even help remove medications you may be taking from your hair. Use of these shampoos depends largely on how much time is spent in the pool. Like the pool itself, these shampoos can be hard on color-treated hair and, although safe for colored hair, will not extend the color. The best shampoos we have for swimmers (in our opinion!) are Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Shampoo, Paul Mitchell’s Shampoo 3, and Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo. There are several other lines that have purifying shampoos as well, but make sure they state that they remove chlorine specifically.

Sun Protection

Many companies like SunBum, Moroccanoil, and ENJOY, now include sunscreen in their products for summer. These are usually a light detangler with sunscreen that can be sprayed on the hair. SunBum carries SunBum Beach Formula 3 in 1 Leave In, which offers UV protection, detanglers and conditioners. Though chlorine and sun are particularly hard on color treatments, sunscreens are good for keeping untreated hair from drying out or “bleaching”.

The next time you are getting your hair done, talk to your stylist about how your needs might be different this summer. He/She will likely be able to recommend some products that will carry you through the season and limit the damage to your hair. We are also glad to answer any questions you might have, and show you some great summer products. As always, if you try something at our store and don’t end up liking it, we’ll take it back and move you into something else.

Have a great summer!

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